Diving on Phu Quoc, reviews and prices

Among other entertainments of the island of Fukuok, diving is worth special mention. There are many dive centers on the island, with which private instructors work. Almost every travel agency offers underwater excursions. In the peak of the season from December to January, the instructors do not even have enough, such is the influx of […]

Sea tours on Phu Quoc — how to have fun

Море и прогулки на фукуоке - где заказать экскурсии

The Phu Quoc island attracts more and more tourists every year. This is not surprising, because this Vietnamese island is beautiful weather, wonderful nature and magnificent sea. Unfortunately, due to the sharply increased flow of tourists to the island, the coastal waters lost the pristine purity and transparency of the past. Now, to enjoy pure […]