Diving on Phu Quoc, reviews and prices

Among other entertainments of the island of Fukuok, diving is worth special mention. There are many dive centers on the island, with which private instructors work. Almost every travel agency offers underwater excursions. In the peak of the season from December to January, the instructors do not even have enough, such is the influx of those who want to get acquainted with the depth, the rest of the time there is no heavy workload. We have prepared a small survey of prices and reviews of tourists regarding diving on Phu Quoc.

Along the main street of the central city of the Phu Quoc island there are about a dozen dive centres, each of which is ready to organize an underwater excursion for both beginners and experienced divers. Traditionally, there are two directions: southern or northern islands. As a rule, the north costs more, in view of remoteness. The price also depends on the clubs and instructors. For example, there are several purely Vietnamese dive centres on Phu Quoc, where the price is lower by 10-15 dollars (for example, if you search, you can meet the price of 60-65 dollars), while in the role of an instructor there may be a Vietnamese who does not speak English, nor in English.

For experienced certified divers this is not a problem, because they learn the technique of safe underwater diving during the first dives, and an experienced diver can evaluate and choose the equipment from which during the immersion will depend not only comfort, but also health and life. The newcomer just can not cope with such a task, and climbing without training under the water is extremely undesirable and even risky.

Diving in Phu Quoc Island

All other clubs cooperate with experienced instructors who speak Russian or English (and possibly in other languages). A good dive master will not only talk about safety and behavior rules underwater, but also help cope with the fear of immersion.

Standard composition of the excursion under the water on Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc presents both trial dives for people without diver’s certificates, and underwater excursions near the islands for those who simply love depth. By the way, on Phu Quoc it is possible to pass training and to receive the certificate of the diver, but about it hardly later. Trial dives for beginners usually last about 30 minutes. For people with a dive certificate lasts 45 minutes. The practical package of all dives on Phu Quoc include:

  • transfer from the hotel to the port
  • boat trip, drinks and lunch
  • rent of equipment
  • two dives
  • diving instructor services

Such a dive package on Phu Quoc almost always costs 80 — 90 dollars, depending on the chosen direction (north or south). Immersion is allowed for both adults and children from 12 years of age. In cases where not the whole family is ready to dive, the dive centers offer the other members of the family a sea voyage along with the divers. The price of such a walk is 25-30 dollars. It includes everything the same as the dive tour on Phu Quoc, except for rental equipment and instructor services.

Photoshoot under the water on the island of Phu Quoc

In addition, each trip includes mandatory training required for a specific case. Very much depends on the instructor. First of all, it’s the person who picks up the equipment for you, a good instructor will choose the best of what is. Secondly, it is from the ability to teach that your safety depends, especially during diving, so it is important to find an instructor with whom it is pleasant to talk and who calmly answers even the stupidest questions

Is it worth to do diving on Phu Quoc

It is necessary to understand that diving is an extreme sport and is associated with certain risks. However, only during dives can you fully appreciate the beauty of three-dimensional space — the feeling of freedom of movement in all three dimensions. For the sake of the feeling of freedom, people again and again put on a wetsuit and equipment. Like any other occupation, diving is very fast. Here the former beginner already begins to buy own equipment. Having an international certificate, he can immerse himself anywhere in the world.

Diving in Phu Quoc Island
diving on Phu Quoc for beginners

The underwater world of Fukuoka is neither poor nor rich. A good team will bring you to interesting places where you can swim with fish, see how corals grow, and also get acquainted with other inhabitants of the depths. In the vicinity of Phu Quoc there are places available for beginners, due to the shallow depth. So it will not be boring for beginners. Experienced divers diving around the world will find the underwater world of Fukuoka not bright enough, but even they will make several dives in order not to lose their skills.

Phu Quoc offers quite democratic prices for diving, the water temperature in any season is comfortable, and in the vicinity of the island there are always places with quiet water, so Phu Quoc is a great place to try to immerse yourself or even get training. Tourists often leave rave reviews because every dive gives a storm of emotions and vivid memories.

diving in Phu Quoc for beginners

Diving training on Phu Quoc

Most dive centers on Phu Quoc, in addition to one-time dives, provide comprehensive training for divers of different levels with the subsequent issuance of certificates. The price of training one level is about 320-360 dollars.  This price is one of the lowest in all of Asia.

Diving in Fukuoka for beginners

Training can take place both adults and children, with the only difference that children initially receive a child certificate, which after adulthood can be exchanged for an adult. Training includes the necessary number of dives, the theoretical course, the testing of all material and the subsequent passing of exams. Having a certificate on hand, you can easily do diving in any country, and not only in Vietnam on the Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc 24 cooperates only with proven dive centrers in Phu Quoc, and only with certified instructors, mostly Russian. Working directly with divers and dive centers, we can provide low prices (standard 80-90 $) and comfortable conditions. To order diving in Phu Quoc go to the link or contact our operators

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