Sugaring on Phu Quoc

shugaring and wax on phu quoc

Coming on vacation to the paradise island of Phu Quoc, you want to look as attractive as possible — a smooth skin is a pledge of a magnificent appearance. Especially for you on the island works Christina — the master of sugaring.

Sugaring or sugar hair removal is one of the world’s most famous, natural ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. However, in a special representation, this method does not need. Millions of women around the world have already evaluated the merits of this method, so Sugaring does not need a special presentation. One of the first questions that are asked when flying to Phu Quoc, and where there are beauty salons that you can trust, because on vacation you want to look especially beautiful.

The master of the Sugaring Christina girls keep the attraction, even after a long rest on the island of Phu Quoc. We offer both Sugaring services and wax epilation services. Make an appointment is better in advance, due to the high workload of the master. Leave the application in any convenient way and our managers will contact you in the near future.

Prices for Sugaring on the island of Phu Quoc

  • Deep Bikini 300,000-350,000 VND
  • Shins + knee 250 000 VND
  • Hips 250 000 VND
  • Feet completely 400 000 VND
  • Arm to the elbow 150 000 VND
  • Hands completely 200 000 VND
  • Armpit 100,000 VND
  • Strip on the stomach 50 000 VND
  • Antennae 50 000 VND

Prices for wax epilation in Phu Quoc

  • Fully legs 300 000 VND
  • Fully hands 100 000 VND
  • Bikini 250 000 VND
  • Deep Bikini 350,000 VND
  • Armpit 100,000 VND

Enjoy your holiday in Phu Quoc.

Sugaring on Phu Quoc. Price from 5$


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