Pirate party on a ship in Fukuoka

And again, the offline pirate groups organize a secret party on a ship in Fukuoka. For all who are homesick on the island it's time to unwind — the best parties from the best team. Become a real pirate in a sea walk in Fukuoka under modern electronic rhythms rhythms.

Fukuoka has long no sea pirates, history is silent about their presence in the past. However, the brightest, noisy and fun parties continue to take place in Fukuoka under the management of offline pirates groop. A new rave on the ship in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand will be held on April 4, 2018. The pirate ship will again take on board the most fun, young and active inhabitants of the island. Hurry on board, because the number of seats is limited.

  • Start at 15:00 and until 21:30
  • Collection at 14:30 next to Dinh Ba Temple (a Buddhist temple in the port, near the lighthouse of Dinh Cau)

As always in the party program on the ship in Fukuoka:

  • A comprehensive wave of music all day from:

DARA (Dj_DARA) — tech, deep, techno
DENIS FRACTAL (Denis Fractal) — breaks, techno, bass house

  • 12 kW full sound;
  • Film screening on a wide screen after sunset
  • Bar with a large selection of tropical cocktails and drinks at attractive prices
  • Photo and video shooting on board

The ticket includes:

  •  5 hours of boat rides for quality electronic music and 2 hours for the luxury Rock Island Club
  •  Welcome drink on board
  • fruit plate
  • Equipment for snorkelling and fishing at will
  • Welcome drink at after party at Happy Buddha Club

Permanent residents of the island of Fukuok have long known about the parties that are held on the ship. Island of Fukuok is not yet famous for the abundance of music clubs and generally night life, so every party on the ship is like a breath of air and freedom. We recommend viewing a new promo:

Timing of sea walks and parties in Fukuoka

14:30 — We meet near the lighthouse Dinh Cau (Zong Dong).
15:00 — We leave, dance to DJ sets, drink first-class cocktails.
16:00 — 18:00 — Stop for swimming and snorkeling at the Turtle Island🌊 We soak up the cooling sun rays and dance under the sunset mixes.
18:00 — 21:30 — We leave to the sea, we begin. rave-time. Comprehensive electronic music from the best DJs of the island non-stop!
21:30 — Arrival to the port.
21:30 — Everyone wishing to go to afterparty in Happy Buddha Club. With a ticket Pirate RAVE — welcome drink.

The cost of tickets for a boat trip with a party on the ship en Fukuoka.

600,000 VND ~ $ 27 (April 3-4)
500 000 VND ~ 22.5 $ in the pre-sale (until April 2 inclusive)
$ 400,000 VND ~ $ 18 pre-order (only until March 26!)

For inquiries and purchase of tickets:
Direct / + 79650040058 / +84938677815 (WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram).

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