Easter in Phu Quoc and Vietnam

Праздник Пасхи на Фукуоке

Today in Russia is celebrated a bright holiday of Orthodox Easter. On this day, it is not necessary to be Orthodox to taste traditional Easter treats. The whole of Vietnam and the island of Phu Quoc are multi-confessional and with great loyalty refer to foreign creeds.

There are no Orthodox churches on Phu Quoc, so holidaymakers do not have the opportunity to traditionally celebrate this day. However, some stores were prepared and bought local cakes. In particular, in the Bin’s market it was possible to buy a large and small Easter cake cooked by the Kosmos restaurant, at a price of 160 and 60 thousand Vietnamese dong, respectively. Some residents of the island of Phu Quoc spent the last few days searching for onion husks for painting Easter eggs. With dairy products, in particular cottage cheese on the island is not at all thick — therefore, it is not possible to prepare all the traditional attributes of the holiday, as there is no possibility to consecrate them according to old traditions.  In any case, faith must be in the soul, and not in the drowning in luxury temples, so anyone can smile at the world and congratulate everyone on the holiday.

For the residents of Ho Chi Minh, the Russian consulate prepared a surprise:

On Easter, on April 8, at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in the city of Hoshimin at 11:00, an Easter moleben and consecration of Easter cakes and eggs will be held.
Address 40 Bà Huyện Thanh Quan, Phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh
The service will be conducted by the clergyman of Moscow, the priest Evgeny Tsukalo. After the moleben, you will be able to talk with the priest.
Phone for communication 0121 8211547

All with a holiday or just a good day!

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