The official opening of the first on the island of Phu Quoc wine gallery

Где купить алкоголь на Фукуоке - открытие винной галерии

Guests of the island often wonder where to buy good wine on the Phu Quoc island. Very soon this issue will disappear. Many vacationers and residents of the island, passing by taxi or bike, saw this mysterious place — the wine gallery, but did not dare to go. Finally, the Phu Quoc wine gallery is ready to open its doors at the grand opening.

The official opening of the wine gallery on the Phu Quoc island will be held on April 8, 2018. All are invited to participate in this event. Announcement of the event from the organizers:

The wine gallery is already in full swing, but only rare friends and acquaintances could experience the feeling of beauty from a meeting with a good wine. A good wine, like a girl who knows herself, will never appear on people without preparation. And we were preparing. They filled their cellars with the best wines from around the world, rubbed glasses to the mirror, cooled champagne and filled with hospitality for a meeting of the general public.

Our first guests were family and friends, but now our attic is open to everyone: guests and old residents of the island, random travelers, and those who want to stay longer on Phu Quoc, wine connoisseurs and carefree amateurs of fun — for everyone in Wine Gallery there is something about soul. Here you can not only buy wine for dinner, but also drink a glass of another on the terrace. Here you will be given free advice on the selection of wine, and that the choice is not painful — you can try it.

But most importantly: you are always welcome here.

Finding a wine gallery on Phu Quoc is not difficult, for sure you have already seen it near the Long Beach center, on Google maps in the near future there will be a new point.

The opening promises to be noisy,

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