Boat trips on Phu Quoc

Экскурсия к южным островам

Boat trip on the ship as part of a mixed group of tourists. For those who want to see the Phu Quoc island from the side, ride along the waves and see the Gulf of Thailand far from the shore. Great idea for the first excursion to Phu Quoc.

For lovers of fresh sea breeze, who come to rest on the island of Phu Quoc, we organize various options for sea walks. One of the most budgetary options will be a sea trip as part of a group of tourists. In the morning we pick you up from the hotel and take you to the ship, and in the evening from the port we’ll bring you directly to the hotel.

In the daytime, you can enjoy a boat trip on a comfortable ship with other tourists, on the outskirts of the Phu Quoc island. View on the island from the sea, make excellent pictures for a swim, swim in the clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand. For an additional fee, meals can be arranged on the ship.


  • «Economy  sea trip» on Phu Quoc $17 per person. The maximum capacity is 20 people. A mixed group to the South or to the North of Phu Quoc.  Transfer from the hotel. Meals on the ship. Vietnamese fishing
  • «Comfort sea trip» to Phu Quoc $30 per person. The maximum number of people is 12 people. Meals on the boat. Transfer from the hotel. Russian-speaking instructors and staff.
  • «Speedboat Sea trip on Phu Quoc» from $45 per person. Speed ​​boats from 4 to 12 people. Meals, visiting three islands, snorkeling in two places, visiting beaches and landing, meeting at the hotel

If you do not live in the city of Zuon Dong, then an additional transfer is paid:

  • On Lang $10 per person
  • Vung Bao $30 for two people
  • Vin Pearl $40  for two people

The excursion for tomorrow is possible until 18:00. Prepayment is 20% of the cost of the excursion.

Boat trips on Phu Quoc. Price from $17


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