Legalization of prostitution in Vietnam: what’s next?

whore legalization

Deputy Minister of Justice of Vietnam, Tran Van Dat, initiated the initiative to legalize prostitution in the country. According to him, the old norms managed to get rid of for 15 years from the moment of their adoption, and the fines are incommensurably small with the profit that the attackers get. He also noted that with the development of online advertising, such services are becoming more difficult to track.

But this idea has an opponent. Nguyen Xuan Lap, being the head of the anti-social evil agency, said: «If we want to recognize prostitution as a job, then we need a place where sex workers will train their profession, which is impossible.»
Mindful of the principle of «criticizing — offer,» he also proposed the creation of so-called «red zones», that is special places in tourist cities where prostitution would be legal. It is planned to test such a system in three places, in particular — near Nyachang and on the island of Fukuok. It seems that this problem is too topical for Vietnam, as last year the idea of ​​legalization was already announced in the government of the country. It should be noted that all the initiators in their proposal rely on the experience of other countries, where these «red zones» already exist.
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