Transfer to cable car on Phu Quoc Island

Cable car transfer and trip on Phu Quoc

A trip to the cable car on the Phu Quoc island with a transfer from the hotel to guests and residents of the island.

We already wrote a lot about Phu Quoc cable car connecting the port of Anthoy to the South Islands. This is the longest road in the world opened on February 15 for all guests of the island. Its length is almost 8 km and the journey time is about 20 minutes. To buy a ticket and look at the Gulf of Thailand from a bird’s eye view, anyone can. Tickets are sold at the cable car ticket offices at a cost of 500,000 VND per round trip. However, most tourists live in the central part of the Phu Quoc and it’s not easy for them to get to the cable car. The approximate cost of even the cheapest taxi at one end is 350-450 thousand Vietnamese dong, which greatly increases the cost of the trip.

Our partners offer a comprehensive transfer and ticket purchase service to the cable car at a reduced price — only 800 000 VND. For this money you will not only be sold a ticket to the cable car on Phu Quoc, but they will also pick you up from the hotel in the morning and return to the hotel in the evening on a comfortable minibus. The trips are carried out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Book tickets in advance, as the number of seats is limited. The prepayment is 200 000 VND.

Attention! Until the end of March the fare on the cable car was reduced to 400,000 dong. The cost of the trip together with the round trip is only 700 000 VND

The transfer fee is not from the central city of Thuon Dong, please call us

What awaits you in a trip to the word longest cable car on Phu Quoc

In the morning you will be taken away from the hotel and you will go to the port to the cable car, in the evening they will take you to the hotel. You will receive a ticket to the world’s longest cable car from the Phu Quoc island to the island of Hon Tom. The island itself is already prepared for a meeting of tourists, there you are expected:

  • Clean beaches with clear water
  • Walking area
  • Cafes and restaurants. The greatest demand is enjoyed by the buffet, where you can eat your favorite Vietnamese cuisine from your heart for only 205,000 dong, the number of approaches is unlimited
  • Water motorcycles, fly board, parachute and other entertainment
  • Mini water park

In addition, the entertainment complex of the island of Hon Tom is a wonderfully decorated area where you can spend a whole day. Due to technical features, it’s impossible to meet the sunset in the air, because the cable car does not work at sunset.

Transfer to cable car on Phu Quoc Island. Price $35


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Чем коммерческий продукт в виде телевизионной программы отличается от мнения постоянных жителей. В этой статье мы расскажем о нашем любимом острове Фукуок всю правду, а так же разберем, где создатели Орла и Решки допустили грубые ошибки, описывая Фукуок

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