Excursion to Angkor Wat in Cambodia from Phu Quoc

Экскурсия в Ангкор Ват с Фукуока

The temple complex of Angkor is the main attraction of Cambodia, for which tourists seek to visit this country an amazing country.

Many vacationers who came to Phu Quoc, want to go to neighboring Cambodia with only one purpose — to see the grandiose temples of Angkor. Team Phu Quoc 24 gives everyone this opportunity. Our guides and guides are ready to go with you to explore the ancient city of the temple, take you through the Khmers country, along the way telling many interesting stories and facts about Vietnam and Cambodia.

Excursion to Cambodia in the temples of Angkor, designed for a three-night stay in the city of Siem Reap is the closest city from which it is easy to get to the temples. At your request, the Phu Quoc 24 team is ready to organize a flight (by finding suitable tickets, while with a transfer in Saigon), and a bus tour. Each time the excursion to Angkor from Phu Quoc is planned by a personal Russian-speaking guide who will be with you during all days of your stay in Cambodia.

A trip to Cambodia is a fully formed package. It is best to order it in advance, especially if you plan a flight, not a bus tour. Do not forget that to return to Phu Quoc you will need either a new visa or multivision of Vietnam. The tour price includes (all prices are per person):

  • The purchase of tickets from Phu Quoc to Siem Reap bus tour or air tour (depending on the price of air travel)
  • Assistance in obtaining and receiving Cambodian
  • Hotel reservation in Siem Reap for three nights
  • Organization of trips to the temple complex
  • Guided Tour Guide Services

Additional expenses:

  • Meals during the trip — our guide will tell restaurants and cafes, with inexpensive and delicious food — about $ 20 per day
  • Visa to Cambodia — $ 35 per person + $ 2 medical supervision
  • Purchase of a ticket to Angkor — $ 62

The cost of the trip strongly depends on the number of people in the group. It is necessary to take into account that the guide must accompany the group throughout the trip and all of his overhead expenses (tickets, visa, accommodation) fall on the group. The average cost of an excursion to Angkor:

  • one person $ 700
  • group 2-3 people $ 400 per person
  • group 4-5 people $ 350  per person
  • group 6 people $ 300 per person

Attention! The cost of a trip for a particular group can be lower, because possible cohabitation, especially when traveling with children. Leave an application so that the individual guide will calculate the exact cost for your excursion to Angkor from Phu Quoc. 

Excursion to Angkor Wat in Cambodia from Phu Quoc. Price from $300


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