Excursion tour to Southern islands on Phu Quoc

Сноркеллинг и морские прогулки на ФУкуоке

One of the most popular sea tours on Phu Quoc island is the excursion tour to the Southern islands. We offer comfortable boats more cheaper than it offered by tour operators or hotel’s guides.

Southern islands — unique group of small islands next to Phu Quoc island. There is a lot of boat with tourista every day. Because of it price is always very low, not depends on numbers of persons. Boat trip takes all day. At morning you will be picked up from your hotel, and at evening you will be brought off back.

Tour included:

  • Visiting of pearl’s farm
  • Snorkelling next to islands (rent of googles etc included to the price)
  • Vietnameese style fishing
  • Meal
  • Visiting of Bai Sao beach on returning

Economical option for excursion tour to southern islands — 17$ per person. You will be joined to another groups on a boat.

More comfortable option — 30$ per person. One boat can accommodate 12 person max. English-speaking guide.

Speedboat (it means that you will be delivered to islands more faster) — 45$ per person. Speedboat can accomodate 12 persons max.

Seatour to southern islands this is sightseeing tour and will be nice for first meeting with Phu Quoc. Now all islands around Phu Quoc very popular and because of it you can try to snorkel in open sea while a boat will be stopped.

Also you can order personal sea trip or fishing more cheaper than it offered by big tour operators. Very often local agencies able to offer more high quality of services than big tour operators. Team of Phuquoc24.ru collected the best offers by local agencies. This offers the best on the island in prices and in quality of services.

Excursion tour to Southern islands on Phu Quoc. Price from $17


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Чем коммерческий продукт в виде телевизионной программы отличается от мнения постоянных жителей. В этой статье мы расскажем о нашем любимом острове Фукуок всю правду, а также разберем, где создатели Орла и Решки допустили грубые ошибки, описывая Фукуок

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Сегодня разбираем интересующий всех вопрос - погода на Фукуоке октябре. Если у вас в ближайший месяц намечается отпуск, то рассмотрите такое интересное и новое направление, как остров Фукуок. Ведь сезон дождей уже заканчивается и отзывы об отдыхе самые положительные.

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