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photographer on phu quoc island

If you dream of bright, sunny photos from a trip to a tropical paradise, then it’s best to contact a professional photographer at Phu Quoc. There are many beautiful locations on the skeleton, and the skilled hand of the master will capture the most beautiful moments of your rest.

Olesya masterfully removes any type, chooses the best camera angles and scenes so that your photos from vacation on Phu Quoc take a worthy place in your photo album. Such shots are not a shame to share with friends, telling about an unforgettable vacation in Vietnam. It is possible to order a photo session at your hotel or check out any locations and photos during various excursion programs.

The cost of the services depends on the selected package:

  • Basic photo package on Phu Quoc. The shooting price is 80 $ for 1-2 people. At the output of at least 50 photos (processing, color correction, framing, toning, easy retouching)
  • Family photo package on Phu Quoc. The shooting price is $ 100, maximum 4 people. At the output of at least 130 photos (processing, correction, framing, toning, easy retouching)

The cost of traveling to remote areas of the island of Fukuok for photosession check with the operators when ordering. Personal photo tours and accompanying on vacation are discussed separately and depend on the number of hours and selected destinations.

After the application, the photographer Olesya will contact you directly, further discussion and clarification of the details of the forthcoming photo session takes place directly with her. The processing time of photos is from 3 to 7 days. Anonymous photos are possible, but are discussed separately.

Photographer on Phu Quoc — Olesya. Price from 80$


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