Dreadlocks On Phu Quoc

Dreads Dreadlocks Phu Quoc

Dreadlocks are  not a sign of a particular subculture any more, now this hairstyle is very popular among people of your professions and especially among travellers. It’s understandable: dreadlocks do not require special daily care and always look perfect

The only inconvenience that travellers encounter is the need to weave dreadlocks as the hair grows. But this problem can be easily solved on the island. Weave natural dreadlocks or weaves already ready in Fukuoka can be contacted by Master Anna. Any time, anywhere!

Price of dreadlocks on Phu Quoc Island — from $ 25
Price for new dreadlocks — from $ 50 (varies from the length of the hair and the number of dreadlocks)

Master Anna: +79246020571 (only Viber, WatsApp, Telegram)

Dreadlocks On Phu Quoc. Price 25$


Популярное на Фукуоке

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