Diving on Phu Quoc for beginners and professionals

professional diving on Phu Quoc

Diving on Phu Quoc for all comers, even young guests of the island can dive, but only with the support of experienced instructors of divers.

Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, a very beautiful place, attracting up to half a million tourists annually. In some places the nature of the national park, untouched by civilization, magnificent islands and coastal waters of the Gulf of Thailand. When a simple beach vacation begins to bother, and ground excursions are not attracted, the best solution will be to go to sea. No matter the first is your exit on the ship or you leave the land for the first time, sea walks near the island will give a lot of new impressions. However, the brightest moments that tourists remember are immersion.

Someone diving seems too difficult task, requiring a long training, and such people are simply afraid to try. Others, on the contrary, do not see any problems in diving on Phu Quoc and choose the first and cheapest dive club. And the first and second, do not get the proper pleasure. Diving is an extreme sport, where in no case can one go without preparation. At the same time, for the first test dive, there is enough quality instruction from an experienced master who must necessarily speak your native language. Then the first dive will be easy, safe, and most importantly interesting. Under the watchful eye of the instructor, even children can immerse themselves. Therefore, you can safely order a trial tour for the whole family. In case, if not all are ready for diving, they can simply swim in clean waters with a mask and snorkel, because for the first dive masters always choose picturesque places near the island at an affordable depth.

The cost of diving on Phu Quoc with individual certified Russian-speaking instructors is:

  • Diving to the north of Phu Quoc Island $ 80 — for beginners without licenses and holders of certificates of divers
  • Diving in the south of Phu Quoc Island $ 90 — for beginners without licenses and certificates and experienced divers
  • Snorkeling for accompanying $ 30 and $ 45 to the South and North Phu Quoc respectively

Included in the price:

  • Meeting at the hotel and transfer to the port
  • Selection and rent of equipment
  • Initial briefing (for beginners)
  • Two dives for 23-30 minutes (for beginners), two dives for 45 minutes (for licensed divers)
  • Boat trip, water, lunch
  • Dive under the supervision of an experienced instructor who speaks your language
  • Return to the hotel

We strongly do not recommend choosing an economical version of diving on Phu Quoc in large mixed groups with non-professional instructors for your first dive! Be sure to clarify the availability of certificates from instructors — people who will depend on your health and life.

Are you ready to dive? Then just leave a request and our manager will pick you an experienced instructor. Booking dive tours is desirable in advance, as the best instructors very quickly form their groups.

Attention! Rental of equipment for diving and ordering food are made in advance, so to order the service, you need to prepay at 50% per day before diving. The cost of the transfer from remote areas of the island of Fukuok specify in advance.

Diving on Phu Quoc for beginners and professionals. Price from $80


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