Car rental on Phu Quoc — tips

Аренда автомобиля на острове Фукуок

Cars on the island of Phu Quoc

Many guests of the island, coming to Phu Quoc, think about renting a car, this is one of the most frequent questions among beginners. About how and where to rent a car on the Phu Quoc island in Vietnam, we will tell you today.

It should be borne in mind that Fukuok is an island, and business with motor vehicles here is even worse than in mainland Vietnam, where cars are subject to high taxes and state duties. Therefore, not everyone can afford to own a car, nor can they rent out a car. In particular, on the skeleton most of the cars belong to taxis. Special problems with the taxi here is not observed even in the peak season. Taxi drivers often travel by counters. The price depends on the size of the car and the company. The cheapest are the little gray cars. The average fare in such cars is 8-10 thousand VND per 1 km, a little less than 50 cents. For example, a trip to the market from popular hotels Zuon Dong will cost $ 1.5 one way.

For long trips, you can negotiate with a taxi driver at a fixed rate, the main thing is not to overpay, but for this you need to have an idea of ​​the prices. For example, with Long Beach (Central from March, Ocean Pearl, Sky Bar):

  • to the airport the price will be within 5-7 dollars, a little more expensive to the beach of the Episode.
  • On the beach He Lang taxi costs about 150 000 dong
  • before Vinperl Land 250-300 thousand VND
  • on the beach of Bai Sao 250-300 thousand
  • to the cable car about 400 thousand at one end

When negotiating with a taxi driver, you can immediately call the price round-trip, as a rule, they do not take money from you and even offer to wait for themselves. You can also try to negotiate with a taxi driver for the whole day, there is such entertainment about 80 dollars.

Car rental on Phu Quoc

As they said in one Soviet comedy «Our people do not go by taxi in a taxi», so often tourists have a desire to rent a car and ride on their own. Unfortunately in Fukuoka it is not easy. Not only that the rental price is often too high (at best 70-80 dollars), so not every owner will entrust his car. If it is a question of renting an exclusive, for example a military jeep or an SUV, the price may be even higher, and the desire to part with it even for a while from the owner is even less.

Sightseeing tour in Fukuoka on a military jeep

In the peak season, finding an expensive car rental option is not easy. It is easiest to book a car in advance, especially if you need it for a long time. With a long lease (from a month), prices for cars on  Phu Quoc fall to 800-900 dollars a month. In some cases, with particularly compliant owners, you can achieve small discounts.

Specialists of Phu Quoc 24 will help you with renting a car on the island: just leave a request here or contact us in any convenient way for you. For example, click the «leave application» button or contact us in any messenger or social networks.

What you should remember when renting a car on Phu Quoc

It must be understood that the management of any transport is unsafe. Managing transport in a foreign country is much more difficult. And given the peculiarities of Asian traffic, running a car on Phu Quoc becomes a challenge. Outside the city, there will be no special problems, although there is also a specific driving style, unusual for Europeans:

  • Vietnamese are constantly overtaking on bridges, within low visibility and generally on narrow routes.
  • The bigger the car, the more rights it has on the road. Therefore, car drivers have to give way to the Kamaz (and there are not a few of them), rushing along the opposite lane.
  • Associated cars can splash 20 km / h, then sharply accelerate, overtake you, and then leave on the roadside and immediately make a turn.
  • When turning and leaving the roadside drivers do not always give the appropriate signs.

This is about the danger on the roads. Apart from the disorderly behavior of bikers, pedestrians and workers. For example, on a pretty decent road, there may suddenly be a bunch of garbage. You can jump under the wheels of a man or fly a bike from a meeting or from the adjoining territory. There have been occasions when cut down branches fell on the road. Therefore it is necessary to be extremely cautious when operating any vehicle on Phu Quoc.

Accidents on the roads of Fukuoka

Let’s analyze the legal issues of renting a car on Phu Quoc

For legal and relatively safe management of a vehicle on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, you will need:

  • International driving license with the required category. For bikes more than 50 cubes, category A is needed, for cars of category B and so on. Native driver license of foreigner do not work

Here you can read about what threatens to manage the vehicle without the relevant rights in Vietnam — the laws from 2018 have been tightened up to criminal liability.

  • It is advisable to have an insurance policy; most cars do not have insurance, and in case of an accident you will have to pay for all the damage from your own pocket

To buy extended travel insurance, including the risks of auto insurance is better in advance, while at home. For residents of Russia there is a very convenient service where you can compare the conditions for a variety of insurance and, without leaving home, purchase a policy — go to the choice and purchase of insurance right now

  • Have enough patience and learn how to constantly press on the horn, as this is the only way to warn everyone about your presence on the road
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