Water Park on Phu Quoc — Vinpearl Land

Парк развлечений Винперл ленд на Фукуоке

Vinpearl Land is a water park on the Phu Quoc island in Vietnam. It was one of the most visited places on the island before the world’s longest cable car opened in February 2018. In this article we will talk about the Vinperl park, where the guests of the island necessarily go.

AS soon as you’ll begin to study the sights of the Phu Quoc island, you’ll find that there aren’t a lot of the here. In our articles we will try to tell you about all the brightest and most significant sights of the island. Water park Vinpearl Land, located on the island, is really worth a visit. It is difficult to call it huge, but it has enough water and other attractions, so that you can spend the whole day in it with the whole family. The main advantage of this water park is its low workload. Here you do not have to stand in the sun for hours on end waiting for your turn to ride on the hill. The park is not empty, but also not overcrowded with tourists, as it happens in Nha Trang, where there are more tourists than the water park can accommodate.

Aquapark Vinpearl on the island of Fukuok was opened on November 15, 2014. It is considered one of the largest water parks in Vietnam. Among his attractions are Tornadoes, Super Bowl, Boomerango, and some other water attractions.

Aquapark in Fukuoka Vietnam Vinperlland Aquapark in Fukuoka Vietnam Vinperlland

In addition to water attractions in the complex Vinperl Land has an amusement park, a large aquarium with a variety of fish and marine residents, as well as a shopping street, built in the style of a small town.

Aquapark in Fukuoka Vietnam Vinperlland

Where is Vinperl Land located in Fukuoka and how to get to the water park

Aquapark Vinpearl is located in the north of the Phu Quoc island. It is easy to find it on Google maps, if you decide on an independent trip. From the central city Zuon Dong on Phu Quoc it can be reached by bike in about 40 minutes. The taxi will take you in half an hour, the trip will cost about 300 thousand VND. However, in most cases you will not have to worry about the road, because there are always free shuttle buses to the water park.

The schedule of buses and stops can be found below.

The amusement park of Vinperl Land in Fukuoka

How much is a ticket to the water park on Phu Quoc costs and where to buy it

There are many attractions on the territory of Vinpearl, and it’s not just an aqua-park. Although it is the water park on hearing at the majority of tourists.

  • The water park is the most popular entertainment in the whole park. A lot of slides, without queues and long waiting
  • Pools and a lazy river are places where you can swim a bit and hide from the midday heat

Aquapark in Fukuoka Vietnam Vinperlland

  • Ice hall and skating rink, oceanarium, dolphinarium — walking through the halls you can see the strange inhabitants of the sea depths, show mermaids and feeding fish

  • Bowling, attractions, slot machines — for those who do not like water slides
  • Cafes and restaurants, shops. Prices for food and drinks in the park are not too high, so you can safely be in the park all day, without fear of ruin
  • Light fountain show before closing

Aquapark in Fukuoka Vietnam Vinperlland

The cost of tickets to the water park is 500,000 dong for adults, 400,000 dong for children up to 1.4 meters in height and free for children up to 1 m. Tickets can be purchased both in advance at travel agencies, and directly at the ticket office of the park. In addition, everyone can purchase a comprehensive ticket right to the water park and safari, the price of this ticket is 800 000 for an adult and 700 000 for children. But. most tourists with children recommend a separate day for the water park and a separate day for safari. We will tell you about safari park in one of the following articles.

A short video about a visit to the water park by one of the guests of the island of Phu Quoc

Enjoy your holiday on the island of Phu Quoc

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